Is Art Dead?

Art used to be one of the main focal points in society once upon a time. with the acceleration of computers and technology, however, a lot of that has now changed. no matter what the discussion or artist maybe

The Use of Paper Printing
Paper is by far one of the greatest things to happen to original art, however, some skeptics believe the exact opposite. When the best work is released and there was only one in the entire handcrafted piece in the entire world it made the art far more valuable than it would ever be today. Even though printing may have increased or decreased the original art value can be discussed with the specific piece at hand, is definitely in a way gave birth to an outsourcing and worldwide delight of finally owning a replica of an acclaimed masterpiece. Even though it may not be the actual canvas the artist painted on and the actual materials used it still displays the visual foundation that all artists enjoy.

Boost in Technology
It is definitely true that with new forms of technology being developed daily that it will be possible to make certain machines obsolete. The fact that an entire culture can be wiped away because of technology however can not happen. Technology has definitely taken away some of the cravings for paintings and looking at art when televisions and laptops always have a changing picture for people to look at. Even if you did want to see art most chances are that you will use your computer to look at it. Going to an art museum or buying art frequently isn’t the normal activity for adults as it used to be in the past. Times have changed and so has the want for art. Luckily since population increases art is still needed worldwide but the percentage of people who took a deep interest in art may have taken a noticeable decline. Even if that may the case art is definitely alive and well. Many institutions use the advancements in the art to teach their students even newer ways to create their masterpieces.

Minimal Valuable Pieces
The number of original art pieces compared to replicas in the world has now easily equal 100 times the artist’s actual finished product. With this being done so effortlessly many people lose sight of the original art themselves and strive directly for the replica. This would seem perplexing but when you think about it’s usually very reasonable. One reason is that the original piece will be far more expensive than a replica and second you would have to travel directly to the original piece of art or have it delivered to you. Both of these paths put a lot more strain on the art itself and the consumer. Therefore replicas have definitely put a far higher demand than for the original sadly.

Prices Too High or Too Low
Prices definitely affect the life and death of art as does any other thing in economics.

Another reason art could be a victim of attempted murder is through fakes. Art is not dead and will never die but fakes aren’t helping the cause one bit. With fakes in the marketplace, many consumers lose hard-earned money to scammers. We aren’t talking about just replica scamming but original scamming as well. Convinces someone that they are buying an original piece valued at tens of thousands of dollars or more has occurred often and sadly will occur again. Knowing the difference between a fake piece of art and a real piece of art is the key between life and death at an art gallery. You must do your homework on your artwork before every purchase. Nowadays replicas can be easily made and forged for authentic artwork.

Different Forms of Art
Art in general has definitely seen a big change over the centuries. Since art began it seemed that it was always getting better through better materials being created like pencils, paintbrushes, watercolors, etc. With this is always happening the evolution of art is constantly changing and for the better. More opportunities mean more variety and customization for both the artist and the consumer. Art can be seen not only on canvas now but in full feature films and also in other places like advertising billboards and commercials. Traditional art may be dwindling but it will never die and art itself absolutely will not die. Art will stick around forever, it’s literally all around us and we don’t notice it sometimes.